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Simple Body Weight ManagementManage Your Weight Simply

What if we told you that you could lose the pounds you wanted, learn to keep them off and begin to live a life that was free from the burden of your own weight?  Now what if we told you that we could do all that in a simple and cost effective way?  This is what Simple Body is all about.  

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  • Dawn

    Age: 34
    Weight Lost: 64.6 pounds
    Inches Lost: 35.9 inches

    What goals or achievements did you reach as you lost weight? Why were they significant?

    I had a goal weight when I started of 40lbs. I thought that would be fine; I would be happy then. Of course, after my first 20 lbs or so, that goal changed and then I think it even changed again! My belief in myself grew and I knew that I could get to where I would be healthy and happy.

    If someone was considering this diet what would you tell them?

    DO IT! You must be 110% committed, but it is truly a game-changer. You will not believe how proud of yourself you can be. You deserve to feel as great as you always wanted to!
  • Kim

    Age: 44
    Weight Lost: 37.2 pounds
    Inches Lost: 19.85 inches

    What were the challenges you faced in starting our diet? How did you overcome them?

    After going through the McDonald's drive through on my way home from meeting with my coach and enjoying my " last hurrah", I woke up the next morning ready to start my "Simple Body" program. The first 3 days were kind of horrible for me. I could literally feel the carbs being detoxed from me. I sorta regretted my "last hurrah". But I truly followed the program to a tee. I drank water like a banshee and took my supplements and did everything spot on. I was so excited when I was out of my first 3 days and knew that once I was in ketosis that the real weight loss would start to happen. Truly I think having had such a, for lack of a better word, crappy first 3 days I didn't cheat, I didn't want to kick myself out of ketosis and have to go through that all again. I literally took it day by day. Every night I would put my head on my pillow and be so proud of self for not caving to temptation! The weight consistently came off !
  • Greg

    Age: 61
    Weight Lost: 57 pounds
    Inches Lost: 28 inches

    As you moved through the diet, how did you feel? What were some of the good points and what were some of the bad points?

    The Simple Body plan is the easiest dietary plan I’ve ever seen. The food is great, plentiful and very satisfying. Also, as I eat at restaurants a lot, I was able to have a few restaurants get on-side with me and allow me to modify my meals to meet the standards of the diet. They are delicious.
    I have passed on the diet to others and each one of them have found success without challenges of hunger or satisfaction. We have all learned how to eat properly along the way. The saying, “Nothing tastes as good as THIN feels”, is certainly true. I followed the plan 100% and hit my goal in 20 weeks. Results were evident from the first day……that alone gets you going.

    The bad points? Well none really that I can think of except that I have no intention of giving up my caramel nut bars!!
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